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About Us

Views:     Published: 2012-01-18

Xinxing Cathay International Group Co., Ltd., the former Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co., Ltd., is reorganized, reconstructed and unhooked from previous Production Department and subordinate enterprises and institutions of the General Logistics Department of the PLA. As a current large central state-owned enterprise under the supervision of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council in China (SASAC), our group is a large scaled solely state-owned company dealing with assets management, capital operation and production management. Its headquarter is located in Beijing CBD, Fortune Plaza.

Xinxing Cathay International Group has main business in metal smelting and processing, textile and garment, special equipment making and etc. Its main products include ductile cast iron pipes, pipe fittings, steel gratings, steel, engineering machineries, special and dedicated vehicle modification, oil equipment, textile, garments, dying and finishing, leather and leather shoes, rubber products, equipment and etc.

At the time being, Xinxing Cathay International Group is a fabrication, research and development foundation for ductile cast iron pipes, whose comprehensive strength and technical level is in leading position and output and sale volume is the highest in the world. It is also a large production, research and development base for steel grating, Logistics munitions, occupation wears, professional shoes and boots as well as large production, research and development base for high end textile products in China. It is also a main purchase and processing base for foreign military munitions market, and with military equipment export authority. It possesses state level enterprise technical center and military supplies test center, state-level enterprise post-doctoral research station. It has six famous trademarks: “Xinxing”, “Jihuaqiangren”, “Jihuafulong”, “Jihua3502”, “Jihua3517” and “Jihua3537”. It is a state level innovative enterprise.

As the first batch of pilot board of directors among central enterprises, Xinxing Cathay International Group adopts the supervision and control mode of “Strategy monitor + finance control”, carries out three level legal person system, the group is located at the strategic investment center, the second level is positioned at the business management center, while the third level is positioned at the cost and profit center.

       The headquarter of the group is composed of Administrative Office, Strategic Investment Department (Safety Production Department, Science & Technology Department), Law Affairs Department, Audit Risk Department, Assets Finance Department, Human Resource Department (Director’s Office), Corporate Culture Department, and so on. The number of staffs in the headquarter is limited to about 50.

There are four second class plate companies held by the group, including Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co., Ltd. (Handan, Hebei Province), Jihua Group Corporation Limited (Fengtai, Beijing), Xinxing Heavy Industries Group Co.,Ltd. (Fengtai, Beijing), Xinxing Development Co., Ltd. (Chaoyang, Beijing), more than 70 subordinate third class enterprises. The Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co., Ltd. (000778.sz) and Jihua Group Corporation Limited (601718.sh) that cover 80% of the group employees and capital has been listed; the number of directly held member enterprises is 3, they are Xinxing Cathay Investment Co., Ltd., Xingxing Hebei Engineering Co., Ltd. and China New United Import & Export Corp. The subordinate enterprises are located in 24 provinces (cities and autonomous regions) as well in countries as Zambia and India and so on, more than 10 of them are state-level Class I and II enterprises. The earliest member enterprises were founded in 1911, the end of Qing Dynasty.

Now, Xinxing Cathay International Group Co., Ltd. has about 80,000 employees, capital volume is nearly 70 billion Yuan, the asset-liability ratio is about 50%. The total number of employees, scale of state-owned assets, business income and total profit are positioned at 40 to 50 among central enterprises.

State Council has accredited Zhang Delin as the chairman of the board of supervisors, Liu Mingzhong as the chairman of the boards and secretary of the Party committee, Sha Ming as the General Manager in Xinxing Cathay International Group Co., Ltd.