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Group is awarded a title of the advanced unit of the central enterprise management activity

Views:     Published: 2014-04-23
April 23, a video meeting for commendation summary of the central enterprise management activity for promotion is held by SASAC, summarizing the performance gained from carrying out management promotion activities between2012 March to 2014 February. He Keren, a member of Standing Committee of Party and Vice-General Manager of group, attends the meeting.
The advanced unit, special advanced unit and advanced workers in central enterprise management activity are commended in this meeting. Group is awarded a title of “the advanced unit of central enterprise management activity” and “the advanced unit of the comprehensive budget management and promotion”. Yan Xingmin, General Manager of assets and financial department of group company, and office director of leading group of management activity for promotion, is awarded a title ofadvanced workers of management activity for promotion in the central enterprise .