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Ductile iron pipe annealing furnace technology of the Group is awarded the national invention patent

Views:     Published: 2014-04-28
        Recently, through technical research, Xinxing Cathay International Group Xinxing Steel Corp develops a driving system of ductile iron pipe annealing furnace trolley, which is awarded the national invention patent.
        Before, when ductile iron pipe needed to be annealed, the annealing furnace trolley used round pin transmission, motors and reducer of annealing furnace were located under the trolley pit. If the motors limit fails in production, the door and wall of annealing furnace would be crushed. In addition, the round pin transmission had some shortcomings, such as high power consumption, easy damage, repair inconvenience and short service life etc. To break the bottleneck of producing restriction, through technical research and practice, the original annealing furnace trolley driving system is improved to the double driving wheel balance weight traction drive system successfully, which has solved those problems of production effectively.
        Through the detection and estimation of operation, because of this improved system, hundreds of thousands Yuan of procurement in reducer will be saved. This system is safe, consuming less energy, easy-maintenance and durable. Therefore, the service life of equipment can be increased more than 10 times.