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Group Sharing Experience in Supporting Xinjiang in the Industry

Views:     Published: 2014-05-16
        On May 16, SASAC of the State Council, the People’s Government of Xinjiang Autonomous Region and Xinjiang Production Construction Corps jointly held the Xinjiang Supporting Meeting for Central Enterprises Industry and State-owned Enterprises Industry of 19 Xinjiang-supporting Provinces and Cities to research how to further push forward the Xinjiang-supporting work of central enterprises and local state-owned enterprises. Member of CPC Central Political Bureau and Party Secretary of Autonomous Region Zhang Chunxian and Director of SASAC in the State Council and Party Secretary Zhang Yi attended the meeting and made a speech. President and Party Secretary of the Group liu Mingzhong attended the meeting. Four enterprises under the leadership of Central Government including CNPC, SDIC, Shenhua Group and XXCIG and four local state-owned enterprises made keynote speeches or written communication.

The Group was considered as one of the first batches of industry Xinjiang-supporting enterprises under the leadership of Central Government which made response to national calling; in the spirit of the Central Working Conference for Xinjiang and Xinjiang-supporting meeting for industry of the enterprises under the leadership of Central Government, it initiatively undertakes the mission for such enterprises and actively responds to the calling for constructing beautiful Xinjiang and greatly promotes the investment and development strategy in Xinjiang. By the end of 2013, XXCIG accumulatively completed the investment amount at 11.023 billion yuan in supporting Xinjiang. Enterprises of XXCIG in Xinjiang completed the sales revenue at 24.5 billion yuan in 2013, with taxation of profit at 1.68 billion yuan. Currently, the Group integrates the advantage resources of Xinjiang region and constructs enterprises of entire industry chain through acquisition and reorganization, initiation and establishment and equity adjustment. At present it has established Xinxing Cast Pipe Xinjiang Holding Group Co., Ltd. which integrates metallurgy and casting, resources and energy, finance and materials trade, Xinjiang Cathay International 7555 Career Apparel Co., Ltd. and Xinxing Cathay International Yili Farming and Technology Development Co., Ltd. which is respectively engaged in clothing manufacturing and modern agriculture.
        When attending the meeting, Liu Mingzhong expressed that the Group will profoundly realize the specialty and importance of working in Xinjiang, firmly implement the decision deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, carefully implement the series of important speech spirit of Xi Jinping in investigating Xinjiang work, fully display the backbone function of central enterprises, spare no effort to do the industry Xinjiang-supporting work, and make new and larger contribution to realizing the social stability and lasting peace in Xinjiang. It will bring enterprises in Xinjiang into “double ten-layout” of the Group, strive to forge 50 billion-level industry group during “13th Five-year Plan”, cultivate economic growth points with long-term competitiveness and undertake responsibilities of central enterprises from beginning to end to support the development of Xinjiang.
        40 enterprises under the leadership of Central Government, 15 enterprises sent by the Central Government in Xinjiang and 19 SASAC Directors in province and city participated in the meeting. Some Directors for enterprises in Xinjiang participated in the meeting.