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5 billion yuan is invested to initiate the central project in Chongqing destination

Views:     Published: 2014-05-08

On May 8, top 50 enterprise under the leadership of Central Government and Top Global 500 XXCIG started up its innovation modern service complex project--Cathay International central project in Chongqing destination; the project possess the total investment at 5 billion yuan, and will forge multi-functional combination service complex which integrates shopping, tourism, relaxation, entertainment, sports and fitness, and it is planned to start business in spring of 2015.
  Since Liangjiang New District of Chongqing was established, it has always insisted on the development principle of integrating industry and city and coexistence of industries; by 2020, Longsheng District will be not only established into national important strategic newly developing industry base and domestic most influential and powerful advanced manufacture gathering area, also it will rise as a modernization new city with the integration of industry and city. The currently started Cathay International Park·Central Project in Chongqing destination is a top-grade internationalization shopping experience center which is forged by the investment at 5 billion yuan, integrating shopping, tourism, relaxation, entertainment, sports and fitness, based on the cooperation of XXCIG and Italy GA Group; meanwhile, it will become a high-end and graceful perfect city. I wish this place will become an important destination for tourism, vacation and sightseeing and relaxation in the near future.
  General Manager of Cathay International Group Li Xuecheng expressed that: the central project Cathay International Group in destination is the city complex project in a new generation. Currently, Cathay International Group is steadily pushing forward the national strategic layout of the project; Changchun starting project on May 6 and Chongqing today constitute the first cities of the project, and Cathay International project team brings Mountain City Chongqing and Changchun into the first city list of destination as the central project after “nearly going around the whole China” as the perfect coincidence of project features and city demand of Liangjiang New District. Chongqing, as the only directly-controlled municipality, has the obvious geographical and resource advantages of carrying on the eastern part and linking the western part and communicating with south and north, and possesses the economic structure and features based on consumption; these provide bases for the address selection of Cathay International Group project. On the other hand, the project is considered as the first multi-functional combination service complex in Chongqing, and its included unprecedented shopping pattern and brand new life and entertainment ecology will increase assistance to the prosperous retail, sports and tourist market. We believe that through our joint effort, the project will be forged into an optimal ‘destination’ and a new landmark for Mountain City which meet the living demand of modern city, lead industry trend and refresh the expectation of extensive consumers.

A survey shows that, in the consumption structure of domestic travelers, entertainment, shopping and catering these three items have taken up a half, Cathay International central project in Chongqing destination first domestically and innovatively integrates multiple commercial forms like indoor extreme sports, fashion and luxury shopping center and advanced relaxation hotel and catering, aiming at forging an integrated experience center for fashion and relaxation. Cathay International central project in Chongqing destination is developed and operated through the cooperation between XXCIG and the Italian commercial magnate ARCOTECNICA Group, and is planned to start business in spring of 2015. The project and Changchun destination center currently starting in Changchun jointly constitute the “double-city” starting point of the project national layout by Cathay International Group.

        It is known that, in Chongqing destination center of Cathay International Group, consumers could fully experience all kinds of fun in sports, shopping, relaxation and recreation. Sports and entertainment center will first introduce a batch of sports events with entertainment like indoor skiing, indoor surfing, parachuting in wind tunnel, indoor climbing and top-speed driving. Currently Jihua Group has established cooperation with suppliers of the third and fourth generation of most globally advanced indoor skiing skill, suppliers of world-leading indoor surfing equipment, suppliers of climbing design and operators of operation wind tunnel equipment and supplier of equipment in the global 40 countries and regions.
  Destination center also sets up hundreds of direct-sale stores of the world top-level brand headquarters for consumers, and provides the global top-end fashionable articles at the prices with competiveness. What is worth being mentioned is that the forging of shopping environment with humanization, culture and amusement is one of highlights for the project. The matched catering and hotel facilities could also make consumers truly experience the fun of sharing life with families. Hotels with ecological and environmental protection, technological intelligence and humanity and art connotation will be established here, and “earth building” appearance hotel of Chinese style will provide 200 to 300 rooms to meet the temporary accommodation or vacation staying demand of consumers.