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XXCIG: Drive the modern agricultural and husbandry development of river valley in Yili

Views:     Published: 2014-05-23

Xinxing Cathay International Yili Agricultural and Husbandry Technology Development Co., Ltd., which was registered and established in June last year, and planned to be invested 4 billion (invested one billion last year and predicted to be invested 500 million this year) injects new vitality for the development of local modern agricultural and husbandry and income increase of farmers and herdsman through its effective operation in the river valley of Yili.

On April 22, journalists saw on the north slope of Yidong Industrial Park in Yining County that hundreds of people were busy ditching, laying drop irrigation, fertilizing and putting up pillars on the 6000 mu base of red globe grapes built foundation in autumn last year, which is full of vigor. General Manager of the Company Chen Yu said: “this is one of our fresh grape bases; for the better development, a 300-mu grape provenance garden is specially built here, each mu is invested with over ten thousand yuan; several dozens of varieties are introduced from American varieties for the attempt of the following new varieties and new techniques, managed by our professional technical personnel. “

Within the Industrial Park in the near distance, journalists saw that, ten thousand tons of gas-adjusted and fresh-preserved storehouse engineering which is newly established and invested 70 million yuan has been started and will be put into use in autumn. And in autumn, the Company will also carry out the construction for the 4000-mu red globe grape base in Yining County; these will greatly drive and promote the development of local red globe grape, plenty of employment also provides nearby posts for the local surplus labor. Maitimin·Tursun is a native in Yining County, and the land in his family is transferred out. Since last year, he has been working here; due to different errands, salaries are different; in terms of the present time, he earns 100 yuan every day, which has satisfied him. It is roughly estimated that the Company used above 50 thousand local labors. This year, due to the speeding up of each construction, the Company will provide more posts for employment in the local place.

In the breeding area invested and constructed in Qapqal Xibe Autonomous County by the Company last year, 48 breading houses have been put into use; among the introduced 3000 Hu sheep in winter last year, part of production ewe have first smoothly given birth to lamb, and the second batch of lambing period is in May. These have satisfied and delighted Director of sheep breading farm of the Company Li Weijun, and made him more confident for the development. On one hand, the Company speeds up the pace for breed improvement, on the other hand, it enlarges the coordination with local professional breeding cooperatives on the current basis to bring them along to step on the path of modern ecological animal husbandry for income and effect increase. In these two days, the Company invests 170 million yuan in Tex County, the base construction for 100 thousand fattening sheep in two stages is also started, and the breeding houses seating 50 thousand fattening sheep in autumn stage will be put into use.

Paralleling on several steps, with high-efficiency and large investment, the Company is developing production-supply-marketing industry chain to realize marketization. Xinxing Cathay International Company has developed from four varieties including ice fire red grape, bud mutton, Xuegao beef and congealed fat rice last year into 10 varieties like nut, wine and plant edible oil; Chen Yu said: “in order to promote the high-quality husbandry products in river valley of Yili, we have made great efforts in sales; by the end of this year, we will complete 100 direct-sale stores and franchised stores in Beijing, Guangzhou, Qingdao and Shanghai, and we can easily complete 30 stores.”