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Xinxing new steel water-cooled engine base obtained national patent for utility models

Views:     Published: 2014-05-30

In the production procedure for sintering, vibration exciter for hot screen is the equipment providing vibration source for hot screen. But when vibration exciter is working on the site, the environment temperature is high, which is not beneficial for rotors operating at high speed to evacuate heat, so several phenomena like the locking of vibration exciter and higher usage of grease appear. The universal practice in active industries is to adopt high temperature grease instead of universal grease or to reduce temperature by scattering water in the outer vibration exciter to guarantee the normal operation of vibration exciter, but these practices are not practical.

The newly-researched and developed water-cooled engine base better overcomes the above trouble and using universal ordinary grease could guarantee the normal operation of vibration exciter for hot screen.

It is realized by the combination of bearing shell, fixed reinforcing plate and base of shell, engine base and separate reinforcing plate in waterway direction. After the assembly is completed, the injected cooling water evacuate heat on the bypassing equipment, and then it is discharged through overflow hole, taking part of heat produced due to bearing movement when discharged out of engine base to evacuate heat for the bearing in movement.