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Sun Chunlan to Tianjin International Trade Centre for Double Fuel Project

Views:     Published: 2014-06-13

On June 13, Member of CPC Central Political Bureau and Tianjin Municipal Party Secretary Sun Chunlan, Municipal Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor Huang Xingguo, Director of Standing Committee of Municipal Peoples Congress Xiao Huaiyuan and Municipal Deputy Party Secretary Wang Dongfeng investigated Xinxing Heavy Industry Tianjin International Trades double fuel project in Wuqing, together with more than 70 persons from Tianjin Municipal Party, municipal governmental departments and principals of 16 districts and areas.
    Sun Chunlan and other persons listened to and report and introduction by Wang Yu, Tianjin Heavy Industry Vice-general Manager, on application of diesel-natural gas double fuel technology on heavy truck, engineering machinery and other kinds of diesel vehicles and development of Tianjin Project. She extended full affirmation to Xinxing Heavy Industry to develop double fuel technology and would give much support. Then Sun Chunlan and other persons visited double fuel device, model of CNG natural gas and LNG natural gas transport vehicles.
    Xinxing Heavy Industry Double Fuel Project reflects general requirements of the 3rd Plenum Session of the 18th Communist Party of China on “market plays a vital role in resource allocation”. Double fuel can reduce 25% fuel cost of the enterprise and regain cost of installing double fuel device within 6 to 8 months. Double fuel technology, with advantage of high compression ratio of diesel engine and without power loss when compared with single natural gas vehicle, can increases utilization efficiency of natural gas by 36%. Promoting 150,000 heavy trucks in Tianjin to apply double fuel has a total project output value of 23 billion yuan, and can save 18 billion yuan for logistics enterprises and bring more 4.5 billion yuan of income tax. If Tianjin promotes heavy trucks to be installed with double fuel device, its average haze concentration can reduce by 13%. At present, vehicles in Tianjin generate 25-30% haze, of which heavy trucks make up 70%. If Tianjin promotes double fuel in heavy trucks, emission of PM particle will reduce by 73%, NOx (nitrous oxides) can reduce by 26%, C (carbon) can generally reduce by 25%, which mean that PM particle will reduce by 2000 tons, nitrous oxides will reduce by 100,000 tons and carbon will generally reduce by 6,970,000 tons.

It is known that Xinxing Heavy Industry actively implements the Tianjin-Beijing Development Strategy, combining advantages of Tianjin Wuqing Tianin Wuqing in location, industry and investment environment, especially that Wuqing is located in logistics center of Beijing and Tianjin and appropriate to practice and develop Xinxing Heavy Industry Double Fuel Project. To develop, Xinxing Heavy Industry has determined to locate double fuel operations and settlement center, engine research and development center, vehicle research and development center, Internet of Things research and development center related to the double fuel project in Wuqing and promote cooperative and supported enterprise for the double fuel project to gather in Wuqing, including team for double fuel engine and finished research and development, research and development on Internet of Things technology for natural gas non-pipeline transportation, financial lease company, insurance company, bank, company supplying natural gas, vehicle after-sales service and other whole industrial chain enterprises.