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Liu Mingzhong Taught at the SASAC Branch School of Party School of CPC

Views:     Published: 2014-06-19

On June 19, President and Party Secretary of the Group Liu Mingzhong was invited to teach at the 2014 Spring Class Directly under the SASAC Branch School of Party School of CPC.
    With the title of Standardizing the Exploration and Practice of Board Construction” and based on the thought, practice and experiences of the standardizing of board construction, Liu Mingzhong delivered a wonderful and detailed presentation for 89 students from each central enterprise. From the prospective of group’s basic information, standardizing of board construction practice, strategic control and management innovation exploration of board and integral promotion of board construction and group management and control and centered on the four factors of “external board system is the key to standardized construction of board”, “more efforts shall be made on the exploration of standardized construction of board”, “board management system with Chinese characteristics” and “high efficiency and effectiveness are the high level of standardized construction of board”, he shared his gains and experience and warmly communicated and interacted with those students.
    According to Liu Mingzhong, in recent years, XXCIG has made great efforts in following expects: seizing the opportunity of board pilot to construct standardized, practical and high efficient board and strengthen standardized operation; establishing and enhancing external board system and paying great attention to the role of professional committee of the board; actively exploring and promoting the integration of board construction and group management and control and paying high attention to the organic bond of board functions and group management and control. The Group has also made fruitful exploration and attempts on strengthening of the external board system of wholly state-owned company, clarifying the accrual relation between the board and managers, rationalizing parent-subsidiary relationship management and realizing the political core role of enterprise party organization with Chinese characteristics, which was fully appraised and highly evaluated by SASAC. The organic integration of the construction of standardized and efficient board and each work taken by enterprise reform has powerfully promoted the leaping development of the Group.
    The lesson obtained tremendous response from all the students and was really as great success. During the class and interaction session, the students actively communicated with and sought advice from President Liu Mingzhong and applauded Liu Mingzhong’s presentation fiercely.

According to relevant information, those 89 students are from 2014 spring classes directly under the SASAC Branch School of Party School of CPC for further studies of cadres at bureau and division level.