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Guo Shijin Investigated the Metallurgy Chemical Industrial Park in Qinghai

Views:     Published: 2014-06-17

On June 17, Guo Shijin, vice president of the group company, made investigations and gave guidance in the metallurgy chemical industrial park in Qinghai, and then, regarding preparations for the second-phase project and problems in the first-phase project, as well as members, technical experts and equipment installation manufacturers, conducted detailed discussion and analysis.
    Guo Shijin conducted on-the-spot investigation at the first-phase smelting site, with work amount of 100,000t; learned the overall running conditions of 30000KVA large-scale closed submerged arc furnace and dry gas cleaning system; debriefed Jihua Jiangyuan Company for the worked conducted in the first half year; held the technical discussions; carefully analyzed the differences and problems between the technical data and actual run value of submerged arc furnace, gas purifying recovery system and equipment; and, aiming at the problems, put forward detailed technical guiding opinions.

Guo Shijin pointed out that we should continuously find the problem, analyze the problem and solve the problem in the process of production for the project of 100,000t ferrochrome; constantly sum up the experiences, proceed with confidence, overcome the difficulties, make every effort to improve technical operation and business management level, and lay a foundation and make preparations for implementation of the second-phase project. Guo Shijin stressed that second-phase project of the metallurgy chemical industrial park in Qinghai should, with precise feasibility study report data as the support, detailed market research analysis as the premise, and high-tech projects as the support, improve the implementation plan and lay a firm foundation for implementation of the layout in Group Company.