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Group Convoked the First Deeds Report Meeting of “Group Moved Figures”

Views:     Published: 2014-06-23
    On June 23, the Group convoked the first deeds report of “Group Moved Figures” in Beijing. The report aims at further studying and implementing the spirits of Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, guiding all staff of the Group to further practicing  socialists’ core values, promoting the principle of “growing up with studying, and achieving development by making innovation” and the enterprise spirit of “striving to become stronger constantly, and achieve self-transcendence continuously”, promoting the demonstration effect of model, combining the vigor of all staff and diffusing positive energy for development, and conveying a complete, objective and positive central enterprise image to the whole society. The Group Worker Director, Chairman of the Labor Union and General Counsel Gao Yawei presided over the Meeting, and more than 2,200 people participated and viewed the Meeting in main and breakout rooms.
    The Group Moved Figures in the Meeting are the 8 candidates that have been selected and recommend from the Group layer by layer since last year, including the King of marketing, technical experts, excellent job foremen, pioneers of new Projects, etc. All of them are the practitioners and bellwethers of socialists core values in new period, the loyal practitioners of enterprise spirits, as well as the representatives and personifications of practicing three strictnesses and three practices of mass line.

Gao Yawei represents that the deeds reports of 8 figures has showed that all party members, cadres, and excellent worker's representatives on various fronts of the Group have been passionate in their jobs, made innovation constantly, been realistic and pragmatic, and made contributions to the Group. They have set an example for all party members, cadres, and workers to follow. They are the excellent representatives of 70,000 employees of XXCIG. They have represented the socialist core values of being patriotic, devoted to their jobs, honest and friendly that have been advocated by the Central Government, and represented the enterprise spirit of being good at learning and innovating, taking the bull by the horns, daring to undertake, breaking through, succeeding, striving to become stronger, and making self-transcendence constantly, and represented the excellent quality and spirituality of thinking deeply, being willing to further study, respecting jobs and serving the company.

Meanwhile, Gao Yawei said “At present, enterprise reform has been at a critical moment that the enterprise is being faced with serious difficulty and challenge”, thus, party organization, and all party members and cadres and employees at all levels should make clear current status, live up to their missions, learn from the advanced figures, catch up with the advanced figures and surpass them, be brave to take on their responsibilities, promote the enterprise of striving to become stronger, and making self-transcendence constantly, and make contribution to achieving ‘1357831’ Strategy and “Double-ten Layout” Overall Arrangement of the Group.”