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The interim performance of two large listed companies of the Group ranks the top three of industry

Views:     Published: 2014-08-28

 Recently, two large listed companies of the Group Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co., Ltd. (SZ 000778) and Jihua Group. (SH 601718) successively issued the performance report of half year in 2014, the performance indicator of net profit and operating revenue continued to be listed the top three among companies in the same industry.

 In the first half year, Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co., Ltd. overcame series of unfavorable factors like slowdown of domestic economic speedup, excess production capacity of steel industry and depressed market, strengthened the management on cost decreasing and benefit increasing based on “bare benchmarking” through promoting the product structure and improving management and innovation system, constantly promoted the enterprise transition and upgrading, constantly intensified the profitability of enterprise to guarantee the normal operation of company entire production and operation and stable growth of profit, its ton-steel cost control and profit are among the best of the industry.

 Jihua Group constantly explored the international operation mode based on stabilizing the production advantage in research and development for domestic military supplies, occupational apparel and occupational footwear, realized the complementary advantages through the thorough cooperation on major links of industry chains, expanded the international influence and “strengthen two and three-admission” strategy was effectively implemented and strongly supported. The total profit, net profit of shareholders in the subordinate of listed companies and basic EPS that the Company realized have increased by 20% over the same period, which has laid the solid foundation for the completion of budget objective for production and operation in the whole year.

The excellent performance of two large listed companies which cover above half of assets and personnel in the Group are the epitome of enterprises for the Group. In the second half year, the entire Group will continue to actively cope with market changes, further develop and innovate, cultivate new economic growth points, promote the orderly implementation of work and center on “1357831” strategy and “double-ten layout” to guarantee the completion of budget objective for the whole year by overcoming difficulties in perseverance.