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Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony between the Group and China Taiping Insurance Group

Views:     Published: 2014-09-23

On September 23, the Group and China Taiping Insurance Group Co., Ltd reached a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. Among others, Liu Mingzhong, President and Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group, Sha Ming, General Manager and Wang Bin, President of China Taiping attended the ceremony. Ma Lijie, Deputy General Manager of the Group and Xie Yiqun, Deputy General Manager of China Tiaping signed the strategic cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties.

The execution of the agreement signifies the beginning of supplementary advantages, resources sharing and win-win undertaking. According to the agreement, both parties will strengthen comprehensive cooperation in many fields such as pension industry, business wear, insurance, investing and financial businesses and oversea business. Both parties will fully exploit integrative financing platform and cross-border operating advantages of China Taiping and international operating platform of Xinxing Jihua Group to enhance business cooperation between related subsidiaries and to assist each other in expanding foreign and domestic markets. Through comprehensive and in-depth strategic cooperation, both parties will continuously expand and speed up development space and pace.

China Taiping Insurance Group was first established in 1929. It is the most enduring and first listed insurance company in China. With the largest operating space and the most outstanding international advantage, it is the only financing and insurance group regulated by central government with management headquartered in Hong Kong and cross-border integrative operation. Its businesses cover China mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Europe, Asia Pacific and many other countries and regions.