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Keynote Speech of Sha Ming in Oxford-China Business Forum

Views:     Published: 2014-10-14
    On the afternoon of October 14, Said Business School, University of Oxford and SASAC Research Center jointly held “Transformation Reform in China” Oxford-China Business Forum , Sha Ming, General Manager of XXCIG was invited to attend the forum and made a keynote speech.
    President of Said Business School, University of Oxford Peter Tufaco made an opening speech, former Vice Chairman of Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and President of Management School, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences Cheng Siwei made a theme speech, later carried out two topic forums, namely “Transforming Enterprises in China through Innovation and Entrepreneurship” and “Reform and Transform State-owned Enterprises through Governing and Reformation” , the conference lasted for 5 hours.

Sha Ming took Promoting Reformation for Mixed Ownership and Promoting the Development Energy of State-owned Enterprises as theme, made a speech from three aspects combining the actual condition. Firstly, state-owned enterprises introduce mixed ownership, the pattern as “mixed” is the source of promoting the energy of state-owned enterprises. State-owned enterprises clarify Principal-Agent mechanism in governing level through “mixed” pattern; state-owned enterprises cultivate independent operational mechanism in internal operational level through “mixed” pattern; state-owned enterprises bring in market-oriented allocation mechanism in enterprise resource level. Secondly, state-owned enterprises bring in mixed ownership, the direction as “combination” is the foundation to promote the vitality of state-owned enterprises, focus on “combination”, center on win-win development and realize the maximum value of shareholders’ interest; focus on “combination”, center on upgrading and realize the value optimization of joint-venture enterprises; focus on “combination”, center on development and realize the benchmarking normalization of member enterprises. Thirdly, state-owned enterprises bring in mixed ownership, the guiding principle as “management” and strengthening rule management are the guarantee to reinforce the vitality of state-owned enterprises. Sha Ming pointed out that through the constant introduction of mixed ownership, normalizing the construction of the board of directors and promoting the reformation of internal marketization for 10 years, XXCIG constantly “strengthen the secondary indusry, entering the third industry and create first-class enterprises”, transform and upgrade into No. 69 among China top 500 enterprises and No. 365 among world top 500 from the administrative restructuring group with entire loss over 10 years ago.