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Group held the Review Meeting for Planning on Development Strategy of Emergency Rescue Industry

Views:     Published: 2014-10-21

    On the afternoon of October 21, review meeting on “Planning on Development Strategy of XXCIG for Emergency Rescue Industry” was held, leaders in the Group including Liu Mingzhong, Guo Shijin, Yang Bin, Meng Fuli and Xu Jianhua and external President of the Group Wang Yuci attended the review.
    The participant experts reviewed relevant data, understood the introduction to the preparation on planning, experts group consistently reviewed that natural disaster, accident disaster, public health and social safety severely affected the national stability and constant and healthy development of economy and society, under the above background, XXCIG, as the leading unit for the industrial technology innovation strategy alliance of the national emergency rescue equipment, considered emergency rescue industry as the important strategy assignment for enterprise development, which reflected the social responsibility and undertaking spirit of XXCIG as central enterprise. Through inquiry and discussion, review experts consistently agreed to pass the review on planning, suggested the further modification and improvement according to suggestions of experts and timely implement the planning after the approval based on procedures.