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Ji Xiaonan and Sha Ming investigated the enterprise stationed in NanJing

Views:     Published: 2014-10-27

On October 25, the State Council appointed Chairman of supervisors board of the Group Ji Xiaonan to investigate and survey in Nanjing Jihua 5302 Company, accompanied by General Manager Sha Ming.

Ji Xiaonan investigated the production site of 5302 Company, understood the basic condition of the enterprise, production and operation of the enterprise and implementation of “three-importance and one greatness”, detailed report on the expenditure condition of resumption treatment of enterprise principals, affirmed the favorable performance on production and operation since the establishing of 5302 Company, put forward several requirements for company development in future: first,  fasten the foundation and consolidate new dimension of enterprise profit. Second, comprehensively learn and implement the spirit of the 18th third and fourth Plenary Session of CPC, focus on the orientation of state-owned enterprises, expand the reformation, stick to governing enterprise by law, fundamentally abandon traditional concepts and traditional thoughts, explore a path adapting to marketization and international development. Third, comprehensively promote the market competition. Compare the advanced per-capita revenue and per-capita profit in domestic and international industry, comprehensively integrate into capital and internet, promote the market competition of enterprise, guarantee the invincibility of enterprise in intense competition. Fourth, highlight the reformation on three systems. The enterprise should prepare a full set of mechanism according to the spirit of the 18th third plenary session; the operating quality should realize high increase and high return with the promotion of operational scale through deepening reformation and stimulating the internal energy. Fifth, focus on the self-development of the enterprise. Actively integrate into market, actively participate in market competition, with unremitting efforts. Sixth, transform the working style, govern the enterprise by law. Implement the spirit of the 18th fourth plenary session, stick to operation by law, strictly implement the system on safety production, normalize safety risk; strengthen construction on working style and integrity construction, prevent integrity risk and guarantee the constant and healthy development of enterprise. 
    Sha Ming required leaders in Jihua 5302 Company to profoundly understand and comprehensively implement the spirit for suggestions from Chairman Ji, confirm the orientation, make great efforts and implement the scientific development.