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XXCIG and Michelin worked for a New Generation Functional Sole

Views:     Published: 2014-11-26

On November 26, the “shoemaking giant” Jihua Group, which is the subsidiary of XXCIG, held a press conference with the world’s “tyre expert” Michelin in France, officially announcing their focus on shoe sole by working together in design, RD and production of the new generation “Michelin” functional outsole. Mr. Liu Mingzhong, President and the Party Secretary of XXCIG attended the conference and met Mr. Jean-Dominique Sénard, CEO of Michelin. Mr. Liu Cunzhou, outside director of the Group, also attended the conference.

The parties had the intention to put their focus on in the functional outsole for motorcycle, MTB and safety footwears. RD results of Michelin in manufacturing rubber tyre, shoemaking technique of XXCIG and specific demands of global customers were fully allowed for in such outsole, which may lead to a substaintial increase in anti-skidding, wear resistance, crush resistance and comfortability of the sole and yield the world's best technology. All these XXCIG outsole labeled “Michelin” were mostly for the European and American markets.

Jihua Group and Michelin start with the conference and will go further on the way to cooperation in the functional outsole filed. Before then, companies owned by XXCIG was responsible for design, RD and production of the functional outsole under the title sponsorship by Michelin. The parties will be cooperative in design, RD and production in the coming days. Teams of both parties will experience an integration based on previous RD results. With a large number of orders and a wide-open market prediction at present, 8,000,000 outsoles will be made in 2017. The share functional outsoles takes in the market in 5 fives will be 5%-10%, enabling the Group to be the leader in global markets.

Liu Mingzhong said: “I believe that on the basis of satisfactory cooperation and common conceptual orientation, the cooperation between both sides will be another event of milestone meaning. We will step out in high-performance outsole field and become the model of giants alliance.”