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Strategic Cooperation Agreement between XXCIG and Tianjin City

Views:     Published: 2014-12-18
    On November 18, Liu Mingzhong, president of the group, headed for Tianjin in the afternoon, held signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement with Tianjin Government, and communicated with Huang Xingguo, the deputy secretary of municipal Party committee and mayor of Tianjin. Sun Wenkui, deputy mayor of Tianjin and secretary general of municipal government, Wang Zhiping, vice chairman of Tianjin Municipal PCC, Guo Shijin, vice president of the group, Yang Bin and Ma Lijie, vice-general manager, Gao Yawei, chairman of labor union and general counsel, Lu Zhaohui, general manager assistant, etc. participated in the activity.
    During the communication, Liu Mingzhong thanked municipal Party committee and municipal government of Tianjin City for support on XXCIG of many years and introduced group development and enterprises located in Tianjin. Liu Mingzhong said that the group would further increase investment, develop a mass of large-scale enterprise cluster which can lead development direction of industry and have industry agglomeration effect, help with economical and social development of Tianjin City and make contribution to construct beautiful Tianjin.

Huang Xingguo welcomed the group for making investment and promoting business in Tianjin. Huang Xingguo said that Tianjin City was coping with development strategy of integrated Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Regio, accelerating to promote industrial transfer and undertaking, keeping to create better investment environment, industry policy, new commercial and investment mechanism, attracting large enterprise like XXCIG to make investment in Tianjin; hoping that the group will locate more environmental-friendly Sci-tech projects in Tianjin to promote social harmonious development and make more contribution to developing Tianjin.

Afterwards, signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement was held by and between the group and Tianjin City. Sun Wenkui, deputy mayor of Tianjin and secretary general of municipal government, and Guo Shijin signed the agreement on behalf of each side respectively.