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Sha Ming and Liu Cunzhou Gave a Survey to Overseas Cooperation Projects

Views:     Published: 2014-11-20

During November 17-18, the team led by Sha Ming, General Manager of XXCIG, and Liu Cunzhou, outside director of XXCIG gave a survey to and guidance to overseas cooperation projects.

Sha Ming and the team gave an investigation and survey to JH CTC factory and Jihua International Center in Italy for an understanding of current situation and cooperation development of such projects and guided further tasks.

JH CTC is a result from strategic cooperation between Jihua Group Corporation and CTC Cooperative. With optimization for CTC design and RD teams, material procurement team and product sales team, Jihua Group Corporation further perfected the leather and shoe-making industry chain of the Group and expanded international high-end leather processing markets. Jihua International Center is a strategic platform on which series of investment projects of XXCIG in Italy are integrated and a bridgehead for XXCIG to further expand global businesses. Now, headquarters and RD centers of both NT MAJOCCHI and JV INTERNATIONAL subordinate to XXCIG have settled there.

Sha Ming and the team made proposals on each project based on the field survey. He affirmed development of JH CTC and was looking forward to deepened cooperation of the two companies with long history. He also said cultural integration issues are inevitable in cooperation between two enterprises from two different countries. Both of them should "be the same in essentials while differing in minor points” and earnestly implement the cooperation.

Sha Ming and his team visited the product exhibition centers of JV International and NT Mojocchi in Jihua International Center. He listened to an introduction to business scope, RD and development planning of JV International. Sha asked questions about technical indexes of product performance in the report and made directions for further market expansion and reinforced RD.

In recent years, to further promote transformation, upgrading and industrial restructuring, Jihua Group have made efforts to promotion of an internationalized industry, successfully initiating a series of overseas investment and cooperation projects and establishing cooperation partnership with many world famous enterprises. Today, Jihua Group Corporation has taken the cooperation in different forms with enterprises from clothing design, RD, production and sales of shoes design and shoe outsoles as well as fine leather processing fields and retailing channel network. It will further deepened cooperation and business scope expansion in future days. Cooperation of projects in such series promotes the implementation of “two strengths” strategy, pushes forwards technical advancement and improvements in scientific innovation capacity of system-related enterprises, improves main industry chain of the Group and enhances competitiveness in core business of the Group. In addition, it will march into the high-end industry market with the import of foreign advanced technology.