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XXCIG Successfully Presented the “Advanced Agricultural Output Survey System”

Views:     Published: 2014-12-10
    Beijing Sanxing Automobile., Ltd successfully completed the “advanced agricultural output survey system” of the National Bureau of Statistics of China (“NBS”). On December 5, the handover ceremony was held in the afternoon. Mr. Ma Jiantang, Director-General of NBS and Secretary of Party Committee, Mr. Zhang Weimin, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and Deputy Director-General of NBS, Mr. Yang Bin, Deputy General Manager of the Group attended the ceremony.

Yangbin said the system presented by Beijing Sanxing Automobile., Ltd is the first “air-ground integrated agricultural output survey on-board platform” for agricultural statistics in China. Such platform systematically carries unmanned aerial vehicles, PAD for field survey and photography system on the way, which will enable centralized dispatching of field survey and seamless transfer of survey results. Presentation of the air-ground integrated agricultural output survey project not only achieves a full process-oriented agricultural statistics remote sensing business system but also enables updating and upgrading of the foundation for investigation operations. It represents a revolutionary evolution of the national statistics survey system in terms of methodology and means of survey. There is a promising huge market for promotion of the system. Cooperation for this time also fully shows the image of XXCIG as a state-owned key enterprise that is actively shouldering the social responsibility and for the best benefit of the state and the people. It is expected that there will be intensive cooperation between NBS and relevant scientific institutions in a wider field to complement each other and to accelerate the integration process of university-industry-science and thus make more contributions to agricultural statistics in China.