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Liu Mingzhong Delivered Lectures to Directly-affiliated Course of SASAC Branch of Party School

Views:     Published: 2014-12-19

On December 18, Liu Mingzhong, President and Party Secretary of XXCIG gave lectures to the Fall Directly-affiliated Course 2014 of SASAC Branch of Party School of the Central Committee of the CPC on invitation.

With the theme on “exploration and practice of standardized construction of the board of directors”, Liu gave meticulous and detailed interpretation to 103 students from SASAC organs, directly-affiliated organizations and state-owned key enterprises in terms of idea, practice and experience in standardized construction of XXCIG Board of Directors. He focused on history and phased achievements in standardized construction of XXCIG Board of Directors and practices of “225” management innovation system of XXCIG with respect to strategic control and management innovation explorations; with an emphasis on the outside director system, he summarized the achievements and experience in keys of success or failure of standardized construction of the board of directors, ceaseless exploration into standardized construction of the board of directors, a board governance system with Chinese characteristics and effectiveness and efficiency - a higher perspective of standardized construction of the board of directors. In addition, Liu exchanged his ideas and interacted with the students.

Liu said for the past few years, XXCIG caught the opportunity that the Board of Directors initiated a pilot project and focused on building a standardized, pragmatic and efficient Board of Directors and attached importance to reinforced standardization; established and perfected the outside director system, paid attention to the role of the board committee; actively explored and promoted integration of board construction and the Group management, attached importance to organic combination of development of the board functions and the Group management; vigorously promoted explorations into the Group management innovation. The Group has taken fruitful exploration and trial on perfecting outside director system of wholly state-owned company, defining relationship between responsibilities of the board and the management, improving management systems of three-level companies and giving play to the core role of party organization in an enterprise with Chinese characteristics, which was acknowledged by SASAC. Construction of a standard and efficient board was organically combined with the enterprise perform and development of the enterprise, giving a vigorous boost to leaping development of the Group.