Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co., Ltd.

Views:     Published: 2012-01-18
Xinxing Ductile Iron Pipes Co., Ltd has 19 exclusively-owned or shareholding subsidiaries. The company has been selected into the "top 50 most promising listed companies in China" for 7 years consecutively, and has been selected as the Component Index Sample Stock and the Enterprise Innovation Sample Stock in Shenzhen Stock Exchange for 8 years consecutively. The company is awarded "The Best Return on investment of China listed companies" by CCTV.  It is the only company that sets up a new Chinese enterprise record for 13 times consecutively.
The company is an important R & D base and manufacturing base of ductile iron pipe, composite pipe, steel grating, building materials and steel products as well as machinery equipment. The main products are: Xinxing pipes, Xinxing castings and fittings, Xinxing gratings, Xinxing steel products, and Xinxing composite pipes, "Xinxing" brand has become a well-known trademark in China.

The company is in the world leading position at the overall technical strength of producing ductile iron pipes. Its production and sales volume ranks the first place in the world, the domestic market share is up to 50%, and 30% of the products are exported to 90 countries and regions in the world. The gratings production scale ranks the first place in China, and there are more than 10 major economic and technical indicators of the building steel products occupying the first place in the whole country.
The self-developed production processes and equipment for producing bi-metallic composite pipe and anti-corrosion pipe, and the self-developed new products like large diameter thick wall steel pipe and special steel products used for vehicles have filled the world gaps, and provided more space for sustainable development of the company.