Xinxing Development Group

Views:     Published: 2012-01-18

Xinxing  Development Group, whose former name was Xinxing Cast Pipe & Real Estate (Investment) Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Company”), was founded in March of 2007 by sloe contribution of Xinxing Cathay International Group Co., Ltd. Up to now, the Company has 10 companies, in which 5 are wholly owned companies. The business scope of the Company is real estate development, sales, house rent, construction engineering, indoor and outdoor decoration, hotel managing and auxiliary services, property management, technical development, technical service, labor service; copper smelting, copper processing, copper foil fabrication, rare metal refining, construction turnkey, warehousing distribution; construction materials, articles of daily use, sales as well as import and export business of non-ferrous metal, ferrous metal.

Three years has past since the foundation of the Company, all businesses are developing rapidly, and showing good growth. The projects of “Fortune Plaza” in Beijing and “China Plaza” in Guangzhou that the Company jointly developed with foreign businessman are extremely influential in the commercial property in China. The Handan Xinxing International Trade Logistics Center that is being developed has laid a bright development prospect for trade logistics operation and development of the Company. The Company has high star hotels as Grand Millennium Beijing, Zhaowang Hotel and etc. that are constructed and run together with foreign businessman, and some economic hotels and property management projects. At present, the metal recycling resource business is at the beginning and early stage preparation of development; the orderly implementation of 5 copper core projects in Zambia and the copper smelting and processing projects in China has laid an foundation for the development and expansion of non-ferrous metals.