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Views:     Published: 2010-10-22

We are working hard to prepare the user's common site help, if you now have questions, please contact us directly:

1 What is the nature of this site?
This site is the official Enlish website of Xinxing Pipes Group Co., Ltd .
2, how to print the body of the page?
You only need to "File" menu, click "Print", select the print options you need.
3, how to use e-mail the current page?
You only need to "File" menu, click "Send", according to demand choice click "Email page" or "email link" in the message window, fill in the content, send mail to.
4, page Why not open?
If you have Internet access via LAN, because the export of local area network bandwidth limitations to the external connection timeout error occurs when the site will occur on the connection is not the problem. If you encounter problems not open web pages, sometimes you can just refresh and sometimes require you to visit again another time.
5, garbled trouble navigating the page how to do?
When browsing the web, such as garbled, available as a solution: Use IE6.X, IE7.X browsing the web, in the "View" menu, click "Encoding" and select "Simplified Chinese GB2312" to resolve.
6 How to contact us?
This site has links in the service part of our program, you can choose to contact the maintenance department,or the editor department  according to your question.